Educational & Athletic Resources


Welcoming Schools


Welcoming Schools of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation is a national professional development program providing training and resources to elementary school educators to welcome diverse families, create LGBTQ+ and gender inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying, and support transgender and non-binary students.



GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) is a national education organization working to create safe and inclusive K-12 schools for LGBTQ+ youth. Guided by research such as GLSEN's National School Climate Survey, GLSEN has developed resources, lesson plans, classroom materials, and professional development programs for teachers on how to support LGBTQ+ students, as well as campaigns and programs that can be led by LGBTQ+ students themselves (such as GLSEN’s Day of Silence and No Name-Calling Week).

 Local GLSEN chapters include:

 Oregon Chapter (Portland)

Washington Chapter (Seattle)

Campus Pride


Campus Pride represents the leading national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create safer college environments for LGBTQ+ students. The primary objective of Campus Pride is to develop necessary resources, programs, and services to support LGBTQ+ and ally students on college campuses across the United States.

Find national LGBTQ+ undergraduate and graduate scholarships via the LGBTQ+ Scholarship Database, and check out the Campus Pride Index and Campus Pride Sports Index to discover the most LGBTQ+ friendly campuses across the nation.

The Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals


The Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals works with colleges and educators across the nation to create inclusive and equitable learning environments for LGBTQ+ students.

Check out the Consortium Map, which presents existing LGBTQ+ centers or offices on campuses nationwide. Please note that undergraduate student-run and volunteer-run offices are not listed on the map.

Pride Foundation


Pride Foundation is an LGBTQ+ philanthropic foundation that awards scholarships to LGBTQ+ and allied student leaders in the Pacific Northwest. The application is open to students of any age, for any higher education program or degree, who are residents of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. One application applies the applicant for over sixty scholarships. Application opens early October and closes early January each year.

Point Foundation


Point Foundation is a national LGBTQ+ scholarship fund, helping LGBTQ+ students achieve their academic and leadership potential. Students with financial need who can demonstrate their aspiration to make a significant impact on society should apply. The application opens early November and closes late January of each year. Semifinalists are selected for phone interviews in March and finalists are selected for in-person interviews in Los Angeles in late April. In addition to scholarships, Point Foundation also offers several leadership programs that provide its scholars and alumni with a variety of leadership activities and events throughout the year.


International LGBTQ+ Youth and Student Organization


The International LGBTQ+ Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO) is an international advocacy and activism organization representing the interests of LGBTQ+ youth. The organization hosts conferences, provides educational materials, and offers the general public many opportunities to get involved.

Trans Student Education Resources


Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment. In addition to creating a more trans-friendly education system, TSER’s mission is to educate the public and teach trans activists how to be effective organizers. TSER provides resources to the public on how to support trans students, such as "safe schools" trainings for teachers, online infographics, and workshops at conferences.

Check out TSER’s famous and very useful Gender Unicorn infographic, which describes the spectrums of gender and sexuality.

LGBT-Friendly Fraternities and Sororities

This is a List of LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ-friendly Fraternities and Sororities available via Wikipedia. Listed fraternities and sororities “are intended to provide members with access to Greek life without fear of homophobic, transphobic reprisal or behavior by fellow members, resulting from a history of homophobia and transphobia within longer-established organizations. This is not an exhaustive list.”

Reaching Out MBA


Reaching Out is a global nonprofit organization and association for LGBTQ+ MBA students and alumni in pre-MBA and MBA programs. Reaching Out offers the annual ROMBA Conference and ever other unique programs dedicated to education, inspiring, and connecting LGBTQ+ MBA students.

Gender and Sexuality Action Committee


The Gender and Sexuality Action Committee, of the American Medical Student Association, is a national student organization committed to LGBTQ+ advocacy. This committee aspires to lead on issues affecting the health of women, intersex, and LGBTQ+ communities, and is dedicated to ensuring equal access to medical care and equality within the medical education field. The Gender and Sexuality Committee offers several LGBTQ+ health resources and ways for LGBTQ+ medical students to get involved.

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM) is a national nonprofit professional society that works to provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ STEM students to congregate, network, and work on coursework. oSTEM provides an annual conference, other leadership-based programs, and membership resources.

Athlete Ally


Athlete Ally is a nonprofit LGBTQ+ athletic advocacy group that focuses on making athletic communities more inclusive through education and policy, and helps athletes to advocate for LGBTQ +equality.

Check out the Athletic Equality Index report, a measure of LGBTQ+ inclusion policies and practices in athletic spaces nationwide.



Transathlete is a resource for students, athletes, coaches, and administrators to find information about trans inclusion policies across athletic spaces nationwide. The Transathlete website includes extensive information on policy, and offers consulting services as well as other resources.